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The Dragon Guardian's Angel (Audiobook)

The Dragon Guardian's Angel (Audiobook)

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A bullied Omega Wolf; a six-foot-seven Dragon Guardian; and an enemy seeking revenge…

Embry Ellis is a gay Omega Wolf with a stutter. Taunted for these reasons, he hides in his books finding the stories to be his only way of escape. Even though he shies away from others, he’s always longed for a mate to love and protect him.

Angus MacNair is a six-foot-seven Dragon Guardian who’s always been in the role of protecting his family. He hates bullies with a passion. At just over a thousand years old, he wishes he could find his Heart—someone to love and cherish.

Tom Spencer, reprimanded for bullying Embry, won’t stop until he has his revenge against the omega wolf that caused him to lose his status…

Can Angus protect his Heart and fulfill his duty to the king? Will Embry accept his mountain of a fated mate? Will Tom exact the revenge he’s desperate for?

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