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Tommy's Wolf (Audiobook)

Tommy's Wolf (Audiobook)

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Tommy Williams thought humans didn’t have fated mates. It turns out, he does… but his mate is in love with someone else.

Tommy has been out and proud since eighth grade. Unfortunately, he’s never met a partner that he really connected with. When he learns of paranormals and fated mates, Tommy wishes for his very own perfect match—but humans don’t have soulmates.

Then he meets Zach Lawson, a wolf shifter.

He's instantly smitten. But Zach has a lot of baggage. No, it's worse than that. Zach's heart has belonged to someone else for years. Maybe Tommy's wish didn't come true after all. Tommy's tempted to cut and run, but he's not the type to give up—not when it's the perfect match he's always desired.

Can Tommy help Zach recover from a forced mating? Can he help him get over the love and betrayal he's suffering from? Can Zach love Tommy despite the impossible odds stacked against them?

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